At the age of 8, Nicolino, originally from Italy, lived in a small village in Germany. Everyone somehow knew everyone and most girls were fascinated by him, the little Italian. It didn't affect him though. He cared more for sports and singing. He sang in church accompanied by piano. He was inspired by a family friend who often came to visit. That friend could sing, play guitar and talk about the uplifting feeling when people liked his music. Nicolino always listened to these stories very carefully and wanted nothing more than to feel the same.

He decided then, to learn to play the guitar and to sing more. Little by little he got better and better.

Then some time later he discovered electro and breakdance music. Mesmerized by this cool movement, he tossed everything else, bought the records and wanted to do what Grandmaster Flash did: play cool music in the coolest way!!

Then, at the christian community centre on Sundays at 3 p.m. - at the age of twelve - he deejayed for the first time with cassettes and records. His fee was a Fanta, a popsicle and the honor to share beautiful music.

Nicolino's love of singing and the stage has accompanied him his whole life. Later he was a frontman in some bands. He was quickly remembered by his weird stage appearances and made a name for himself, which earned him various television appearances on music channels such as Viva. And a Newcomer Award with his band.

As a great entertainer, he now casts a spell over people with his DJ gigs and celebrates with them all night long. He produced a track with Katy Perry for her perfume launch presentation, with Elle Macpherson (the body) he created the music for her sexy underwear presentation and Madonna and her crew danced to his music all night long.

Music has been Nicolino`s companion his entire life and because he was so fascinated by it, he studied music at the Art Academy in Cologne.

As a VIP DJ Nicolino is booked all over Europe and plays in Ibiza, St. Tropez and Cannes in front of over 2,000 – 6,000 people. He is also often booked by celebrities for exclusive, private events.

He also feels at home at corporate events, birthdays and weddings and makes every event an unforgettable and atmospheric experience with his incomparable nature.

He is grateful for the opportunity to turn his passion into a profession. He now puts food in the mouths of his two children with his skills.